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Signal Lamp

AD26B Series LED indicator light adopts high brightness and solid color LED chips as light source, which is of long life, low energy consumption, small size and light weight. It is of diversified head styles, high-brightness, good reliability, pleasing and compact appearance. It is widely applied in various fields such as: machine tool, textile, automobile, electricity, telecommunications and medical equipment, print and mine machinery, etc as indication signal, warning signal, accident signal and so on.
Hole Openness Size:φ22mm,you can achieve φ25mmφ30mm by the adjustable lap;
Diversified head styles; Five colors to clearly instruct different working states;
Luminous body adopts solid color and ultra-brightness LED chip, which is of pure color and 100,000 hours using life;
The character content of the LED indicator light can be configured according to the specific demand of the customer;
Parts and components are of first-class materials, which are durable and resistant to wear;
Built-in screw wiring, which is more safe and convenient.

Applicable Environment of Signal Lamp:
I Environmental Temperature: -25+55;
II Relative Air Humidity: ≤98%;
III Normal working under 2-80Hz vibration frequency and 0.7g acceleration;
IV Pollution rank is three and installation category is III .

Major Technical LED indicator lights
I Industrial Frequency Voltage Tolerance: 2.5KV (AC RMS), 1MIN;
II Insulation Resistance≥2MΩ;
III Allowed Voltage Fluctuation of AC LED indicator light: ±20%;
IV Continuous Working Life: ≥30000H;
V Light Brightness: ≥100cd/m2;
VI CTI≥100;
VII Head Protection Rank: IP65; IP67 can be ordered;
VIII Frequency: AC5060Hz.
Yueqing Signal Lamp Factory is a leading signal lamp, LED light bulbs and LED indicators manufacturer in China, uses high brightness and solid color LED chips as the light source of signal lamps, that are of long life, low energy consumption, small size and light weight.
Technical Parameters of 22mm Series Signal Lamp AD26B-22/25D:

Color: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue and White
Voltage:   6V AC/DC 36V AC/DC 220V AC
12V AC/DC 48V AC/DC 380V AC
24V AC/DC 110V AC/DC

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