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Main characters:

1、High Reliability, the product can endure electric surge strike more than300ln.

2、High Security,the products have excellently self-healing, aluminum case never rust, the terminal of capacitor permit touch by everyone, Safety and reliability, and cover can abruption the pole of capacitor when it break, and explosion-proof construction increases safety of product.

3、Built-out discharge resister can assure residue voltage in terminals lower down under 50V in 3  minutes after the capacitor stops working, and assure capacitor release from transmission-line system of electric power.

4、Small volume and light weight, only under 2/3 of the old one. Lt can be easy to install.

Main Technical lndexes:

1、Standard reference:GB12747-2004、IEC60831-96、UL810-95

2、Using Condition:-25℃/+50℃  Humidity≤90%RH  Altitude≤2000m

3、Over-voltage Permitted:1.0Un、1.1Un 8h/d、 1.3Un 1min

4、Over-Current Permitted:1.3ln

5、Impact Current:≤300ln

6、Allowable offset on Reactive-load Power:-5~+10%

7、Loss Angle Tangent(Power Frequency Rated Voltage):tgδ≤0.0015

8、Dielectric Loss:≤0.25W/kvar

9、Testing Voltage: Between Poles2.15Un 10S   Between and Housing 3000VAC 60S

Overall Dimension

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