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General Description

Brand of self-heal ing type low voltage shunt capacitor, made of the advanced etallized film, is produced strictly in accordanc e with the National Standard and IEC Standard by the introduced advanced foreign techniqu es and eq uipment. Th e device is mainly suitable for low voltage electric net work to improve power factor, reduce reactive loss, and better the voltage quality.

Main Technical Characteristics

1. Small volume and light weight: It is only 1/4 and 1/5 of the weight and volume of the outdated products respectively.
2. Low loss: With the actual loss less than 0.1%, the capacitor, itself, has low consumption of energy, little radiation, low temperature rise, long service life, and good energy, conservation feecet.
3. Excellent self -healing performance: When a part of the inolation is fed through due to the over voltage, it is capable of self-heaing so as to continue the normalpoeration, therefore there liability is in proved greatly.
4. Safety: Equipped with self-discharging rasistant and safety devices inside, it is safe and reliable.
5. Without oil leakage: In order to avoid oil leakage during operation so as to protect the env ironment, it employs the microrystlline wax as the inpregnant , which remains solid atordinary temperature and has a drip melting point higher than70℃

Mode of connection

<p align="left"><STRONG>Mode of   connection</STRONG></p>
<p align="left">Connecting the wire<BR>
  Connect the wire to press   terminal with M5 drilling hole.(It may be Connected to the press terminal of 22   mm)<BR>
  Connecting with the capacitor<BR>
  Correctly fix the capacitor with the   strong torque of 35-40kg. Com.<BR>
  Finally, fir the cover   properly.</p>

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