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I. Characteristic and purpose:
   Metallize concrescence  capacitor specially for air conditioner,refrigerator.The capacitor is with explode-proof,structure,applicable to 50Hz/60Hz start and operation in air conditioner,refrigerator ect.
Service Conditions
  1.Altitude: The altitude of area of installation and operation not exceeding 2000m.
  2.Residual voltage at energization : Not to exceed 10% rated voltage.
  3.Pollution: No electric dust, no corrosive gas or inflammable and explosive medium in the area of installation and operation.
  4.Operation temperature: Between -40℃ and +70℃
  5.Operation way: Continuous operation.
Main Technical indexes:
  1.Rated voltage: 200VAC,250VAC,400VAC,450VAC and 500VAC.
  2.Rated frequency: 50Hz(60Hz).
  3.Rated capacitance: Between 1.0μF and 100.0μF
  4.Withstand AC voltage between terminals: 1.75 times rated voltage for 2 seconds.
  5.Withstand AC voltage between terminal and case: 2000VAC for 2 seconds.
  6.Capacitance tolerance: Cn±5%.
  7.Tangent of loss angle(tgδ): tgδ≤0.10% (at 50Hz)
  8.Maximum permissible voltage:110% rated voltage.
  9.Maximum permissible current:130% rated current..
  10.Class of safety protection: p0(type CBB60,CBB61),P1(type CBB65)
  11.Standard: In conformity with GB3667-1997, IEC60252-1993. 
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