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  1. l       The second part, CDMP100A Series Protection and Control Device Description
    CDMP100A series of protection and monitoring device, the main functions include protection, measurement, monitoring, control, communications, etc.
    Specific to a single electrical circuit for "unit" of the design, wiring and flexible compact, friendly interface
    Is the ideal multi-function integrated low-voltage system protection and monitoring device. CDMP100A series of protection and monitoring device than the
    CDMP200A small size, suitable for box-type substation, 10kV ring cabinet protection and 10kV voltage levels the following
    Lines and electrical equipment protection.
    1, CDMP100A Series Protection and Control Device Type
    (A) CDMP101A line protection and monitoring device (reclosure)
    (B) CDMP101B Auxiliary Transformer Protection and Control Device
    (C) CDMP101C motor protection and monitoring device (prepared from the vote)
    (D) CDMP101D Motor Protection Controller
    (E) CDMP101E Control Device
    (6) CDMP131A BZT device
  2. l       2, the main protection configuration functions are as follows
  4. l       3, chassis mechanical dimensions and hole size
    Figure 2-1: CDMP100A series device mechanical dimensions and hole size



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