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CH series

CH series
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CH series Intelligent digital temperature controller

Iheating /Cooling control

Iauto adjusting function

Idigital communication

Ibig screen LED display

Iindustrial standard microcomputer processor

Model name:

Outline dimension

See the outline dimension picture

Control Mode

F:PID operation andauto calculating(reverse operation)

D:PID operation and auto calculating (Forward operation)

W:hating/cooling PID operation and auto calculating (cooling water)*1

A: hating/cooling PID operation and auto calculating (cooling water)*1

Input mode

Refer to input Range Table


Range Code

Refer to input Range Table


First control output(OUT1) (Heating side)

M:Relay contact output

V:Voltage impulse output

T:Thyratron output

8:Current output(IC4-20mA)

G:Thyratron driving&triggering output

Second control output(OUT2)(Cooling side)*2

No mark:when the control mode is F or D

M: Relay contact output

V:Voltage impulse output

T:Thyratron output

8:Current output(IC4-20mA)


First alarm (ALM1)

Second alarmALM2

Nno alarm

A:Upper-limit bias alarm

B:Lower-limit bias alarm

C: Upper/Lower-limit bias alarm

D:alarm in area

E:Standby upper-limit bias alarm attached

F: Standby lower-limit bias alarm attached

G: Standby upper/lower-limit bias alarm attached

H: Upper-limit input &#118alue alarm

J: Lower-limit input alarm

K: Standby upper-limit input alarm attached

L: Standby lower-limit input alarm attached

P:Heater breakage alarm(CTL-6)*3

S: Heater breakage alarm(CTL-12)*3

R:Control line breakage alarm*4

V:Upper-limit set &#118alue alarm

W:Lower-limit set &#118alue alarm


N:No communication

5.RS-485(two-wire system)


N:NO water-proof/dust-proof

1:with water- proof/dust-proof


Note: *1 W or A Type has no auto asjust funcion.

*2 second alarm output (OUT2) Second alarm(ALM2)

*3 can’t be set first alarm

*4 Control ring lie breakage can choose one only from alarm1 and alarm2 

*5 Only CD series has the communication

Outline dimension:

Thermocouple Input(TC)

Input type

Set range

Input type

Set range


0 to 1372(0 to 2502)


0 to 1200(0 to 2192)


0 to 1769(0 to 3216)


0 to 1769(0 to 3216)


0 to 1820(0 to 3308)


0 to 1000(0 to 1832)


0 to 1300(0 to 2372)


-199.9 to +400.0          (-199.9 to 752)


0 to 2320(0 to 4208)


0 to 1390(0 to 2534)


0 to 900(0 to 1652)


0 to 900(0 to 1652)

RTD inputPt


-199.9 to +649.0          (-199.9to 999.9)


-199.9 to +600.0          (-199.9to 999.9)

Voltage input

0 to 5 VDC           1 to 5 VDC

-1999 to +9999 (programmable range)

Current input

0 to 20mADC       4 to 20mADC

-1999 to +9999 (programmable range)


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