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CX series

CX series
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CX series temperature controller


Our CX series temperature adjuster has many merits such as small volume, light weight, beautiful outline,good reliability,strong anti-jamming and shock resistant ability and is widely used. 

Main Technical Data


72mm X 72mm   96H X 96W X 110D





Input indication


Setting precision

Less than ±1% full scale or range display 

Less than 0.5% full scale

Indicating precision

Less than ±2 

Control Action

ON/OFF only,proportion type(PD)

Output Mode

Relay connection point 5A 250VAC,voltage of non ecting point 12VDC for SSR use

Rated Voltage

AC: 110V/220V/380V/±10% , 50/60Hz

Proportion Cycle

Relay:15secs,Non connection point:2secs

Power Consumption


Accessory Function

sense for temperature sensing line breaking

Ambient Temperature

-10 +55

Signification of Meter Model

    • ①     meter outline dimension : 96-96 X 96mm; 72-72 X 72mm; 49-48 X 96mm; 48-48 X 48mm
    • ②     temperature set mode :B-code dialing ; set:V-catch plate set
    • ③     Temperature indication mode: D-diqit display ; M-warp indication ;O-full ranqe indication ;N(X)-no indication.
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