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CXT-3000 series digital temperature controller

High cost performance,easily using,perfect performance,low price

Main technical index


Thermocouple(TC),resistance temperature detector(RTD),standard current and volage signals.


Process &#118alue(PV),setting valuse(SV):-1999+1999

Output(out1,out2)alarm(alarm1,alarm2)auto setting(AT)display:LED

Control way

1.       PID control(including ON/OFF,position PID and continuous PID)

2.       Auto setting control


Measurement accuracy:±0.5%FS  compensation error of cold terminal:±2(amend within 050 by soft)

Resolution:14bit.            Sampling period:0.5sec.

Setting range

Setting &#118alue(SV):same range with PV        derivative time(D):03600sec(no derivative action when set to 0)

Proportion bard(P):0full range(ON/OFF control when set to 0)         proportional period:1100sec

Integration time(I):03600sec(no integral action when set to 0)

On-off control output hysteretic loop width:1100(or other PV units)

Control output

1.        currency output: DC 010Ma,420mA(RL500Ω)

2.        voltage output:DC 0-5V,1-5V(RL10K)

3.        relay output:contact capacity:250V AC 3A(resistive load)

4.        voltage impulse output:0-12V(applicable for solid state relay SSR)

5.        silicon controlled rectifier(SCR)output:zero-cross triggering or phase-shift triggering(resistive load)

Alarm output

2 groups output at most,12 modes

Inanlating resistanle

50MΩ(500V DC)

Inanlating intensity

1500V AC/min

Power cosumed


Work condition

050,3085RH,no corrosive gas


Abt.0.5Kg(CXTA type)

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