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CXT-8000 series digital temperature controller

CXT-8000 series intelligent adjuster is the latest high grade intelligent meter produced by our company.this meters design and development adopts GSI for meter use,and three are adjustable elements inside of the machine,all the parameter set. Function mode choice and standard degree demarcating of analog quantity input and output are realized by buttons on meter panel.this meter can randomly change input signal type to offer any your desired output specification,including various relay contact output,silicon controlled without contact switch output and single/three phases silicon controlled crossover point triggering output or cycle zero cross triggering output,driving voltage output of solid state relay,linear current or voltage output etc,which further enhances the multiple use,practicability and reliability of the meter. Optimized dual host, single host and serial-paralled computer communication interface of no host realize meters total distributed contro.

Model chart


(1)outline dimension(width × height)

A:96×96  D:72×72  E:48×96  F:96×48  G:48×48  S:80×160  M:160×80

(2)adjusting mode

0.     two digits mode control output

2.  relay two digits PID direct cuurent output

4.  420mA concessive PID direct current output

5.  driving voltage output of solid state relay

6.  silicon controlled phase-shifting triggering output

7.silicon controlled zero cross triggering output

8.three phases silicon controlled zero cross triggering output

9.concessive PID adjusting 0-10mA direct current output

(3)alarm mode:

0:no alarm                   1:one term of relay alarm

2:two terms of relay alarm   3:three terms of ps relay alarm

(4)simulation transmitting output:

0:no transmitting    1:current output from 010mA or 420mA

(5)signal input:refer to table of input signal

(6)communication function:

Mptv:no communication,  T:with interface

(7)Power supply:

Default:switching power supply

D:24V,power supply

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