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E5 series

E5 series
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E5 series temperature controller

Our E5 series meter totally adopts imported elements with small volume,light weight,beautiful outline ,good reliability ,strong shock resistance and anti-jamming. It can be widely used for temperature measure and autocontrol in different industries like plastic machinery ,rubber machinery ,packing machinery ,dress, food and printing & dyeing ect.

Main Technical Data



Input indication


Setting precision

Less than ±1% full scale or range display 

Less than 0.5% full scale or range display 

Indicating precision

Less than ±2 

Control Action

ON/OFF only,proportion type(PD)

Output Mode

Relay connection point 5A 250VAC,voltage of non ecting point 12VDC for SSR use

Rated Voltage

AC: 110V/220V/380V/±10% , 50/60Hz

Proportion Cycle

Relay:15secs,Non connection point:2secs

Power Consumption


Ambient Temperature

-10℃~ +55

Signification of meter model

E5EM, E5EN, E5C2, E5C3, E5C4

EM: code dialing set, wqrp indication,outline dimension  48×96×110mm

EN: code dialing set, digit display,outline dimension     48×96×110mm

C2: knob set, no indication, outline dimension          48×48×110mm

C3: code dialing set, no indication,outline dimension     48×48×110mm

C4: code dialing set, digit display,outline dimension      48×48×110mm

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