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Normal working conditions

Atitude for installation shall not exceed 2000m;
Ambient temperature shall be from -5 to +40 the average in 24 hours shall not
be over 35 .
The air humidity relative shall not exceed 50% at air temperature +40 , the higher
humidity may be allowable at the lower temperature, meanwhile, the condensation
on the product surface caused by temperature change shall be considered.
Medium without explosive danger, or gas or dust that can erode and impair the
Place without visual shock or impact
Pollution grade: 3
Class of electrical appliance: CB
Conforming to standards like IEC.60947-6 and GB/T14048.11-2002.
Structure and performance
JTQ30 (L) automatic transfer switch (hereinafter referred to as switch) employs
superior high-breaking circuit breaker manufactured by us, only for transfer between
two circuits of power supplies, not for the main power supply. This product is
applicable for dual-power system of AC 50Hz, rated operating voltage 380V and rated
operating current 63A below, to serve the transfer between normal power and reserve
power by automatic or manual operation. It is mainly used in such fields that need transfer
between two circuits of power supplies like hospital, store, bank, chemical engineering,
metallurgy, high-rise building, military, etc..
JTQ30(L) automatic transfer switch is mainly composed of power-transfer actuating
circuit breaker, provided with three statuses of working positions, i.e. status I (normal
power N ON, reserve power R OFF), status II ( normal power N OFF, reserve power R ON )
and status III (normal power N OFF, reserve power R OFF), due to reasonable structure ,
convenient use, small volume, light weight, and stable performance, the switch widely
enjoys high comment from customers.
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