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JTQ30H automatic transfer switch is mainly composed of actuating circuit breaker for
power supply changeover, with notable features of reasonable structure, conven ient use,
small volume, light weight, stable performance, it has three stat uses of working p ositions,
i.e. Status I (N ON, R OFF), status (N OFF, R ON ) and status III (N OFF, R OFF), due
to above mentioned advantages, the switch widely enjoys high comment from customers.
Power grid-power grid (R)
Before startup initialization memory, the device shall be adjusted to automation
and normal power working mode, when the power occurs trouble, the controller LED
normal power indicator lamp will go out, the switch will transfer to reserve power after
delay, when the normal power recovers, the reserve power will transfer to normal
power automatically.
Power grid-power generation (F)
When the control system detects the normal power and power generator, if the
normal power comes across abnormal situation, the control system will send out a
generation command (NC contact) to the generating set and start it, when the voltage
of generating set reaches the normal operating &#118alue, the controller will send out
command and put the generator into operation, thus to guarantee normal operation of
generating set. When the generator voltage is lower than 75% of rated &#118alue, the
control system will disconnect the load automatically and enter into double-break state.
When the mains voltage restores, the intelligent system will resume normal power
supply automatically after time delay, but the generating set needs to be turned off
Outline and mounting size

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