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Construction and Feature
Provides protection against earth fault/leakage current, short-circuit, overload, and function
of isolation
Provides complementary protection against direct contact by human body
Effectively protects electric equipment against insulating failure
Provides comprehensive protection to household and commercial distribution systems
Construction features
The pass electric current characteristic of circuit breaker can not be changed with outside mechanical tool ;The accessory which made by ferrous metal should have proper antirusting measure ;The operating organization must be flexible and reliable, and should have freed function to take off and deduct; the Operate part can not be taken down from the shell outer of products,;the shell of product can not influence the operating organization to work.
Order note
1.Minimum order quantity, time during the order to delivery;
2.Need to indicate type , specification , rated current , number of poles, quantity of the products while ordering.
Product's advantage
1.Our products have the guarantee period of 36 calendar months,that is a high quality and reliability;
2.our products have an excellent ratio between price and quality ,you can possess them by competitive price and high quality;
3.The fast and flexible production form aim at the customer require;
4.The deliveries exactly in accordance with customer orders
5.The fast transportation.
6.Wide in variety, entire in specifications, has high short-circuit breaking capacity,can reach 4.5KA , it is aesthetic in appearance to design and convenient to install.
Normal operation and mounting requirement
Electro-mechanical endurance: 4000 cycles
Connection terminal: pillar terminal with clamp
Connection capacity:
Flexible conductor 10mm2
Rigid conductor 16mm2
Main technical parameters

 OB16L-40 Electro-magnetic type
 Residual current characteristics
 Pole No.
 Tripping curve
 B, C
 Rated short-circuit capacity
 Rated current (A)
 6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40
 Rated voltage
 230V AC
 Rated frequency
 Rated residual operating current(mA)
 Tripping duration
 On symmetrical DIN rail 35mm 

Overall and mounting dimensioned chart
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