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Itself with the power of the PLC languages (ladder language) embedded into the microcontroller, microcontroller product development to make use of assembly language from a ladder into the use of language, while access to the ladder diagram programming platform provides a variety of powerful applications , so called embedded PLC. PLC can be widely used in embedded Microcontroller products, and can not replace all the microcontroller functions in the field can change the product.
Embedded PLC products have the following characteristics:
Written application with the ladder.
Connection with a number of man-machine interface, such as Delta, EView so.
Changing the application functionality is very easy, unlike the single chip products, to change the hardware and software so cumbersome.
Parallel operation with other manufacturers PLC.
485 can be formed.
To set the encryption password.

PLC Performance Specifications

16 digital inputs 8 digital outputs 10-channel switch input 10-way switch output
4 analog input 2 Way Moot Output Analog Input 8 Output 2 Way Moot
Two high-speed counter RS-232, RS-485 Estuary a compatible instruction Mitsubishi FX-2N
Resource Collection Introduction
①, enter X:
Expansion in numbers: 50 points.
Grade range: X000 ----- X061; grade 8 hex.
Board for the X000 ~ X017, X060 ~ X061,, X020 ~ X057 expansion board
②, output relay Y:
Expansion in numbers: 40 points.
Grade range: Y000 ----- Y047 8 hex.
Board for the Y000 ~ Y007, Y010 ~ Y047 expansion board
③, auxiliary relay M:
Quantity: 640 points
Grade range: M0 --- M639; label to decimal.
④, state relays S:
Quantity: 256
Grade range: S0 --- S255; label to decimal.
⑤, relay T:
Quantity: 96 points
Grade range: T0 --- T95; label to decimal.
T0 --- T5, 10 ms type, total 6 points;
T6 --- T95, 100 ms type, total 90 points;
Cumulative Type: T6 --- T10, 100 ms type, namely, 5; 00
⑥, Counter C:
Quantity: 96 points
Grade range: C0 --- C95; label to decimal.
⑦, data registers D:
Quantity: 600 points
Label area: D0 --- D599; label to decimal.
⑧, index register V:
⑨, index register Z:
⑩, program position pointer P:
Quantity: 50
Grade range: P0 --- P49; label to decimal.
⑾, decimal constant mark K, H:
Label after the constant K decimal constant.
H label after the constant hexadecimal constant. If H10 = K16.
⑿, special software components:
M8000: the program is running ON;
M8002: run-time program to open the first scan cycle, ON;
M8020: zero flag;
M8021: borrow signs;
M8022: Carry flag;

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