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SP-1000A measuring and control device monitoring function for the distributed realization of the design and development, in design
Fully considered during the harsh operating conditions of the device. Devices and better seismic performance, low power consumption, work
Wide temperature range, strong resistance to electromagnetic interference.
SP-1000A comprehensive consideration of power system monitoring and control device for data acquisition, processing requirements, to computer technology for data acquisition, control signals and other functions. The device is fully in accordance with the design requirements of distributed systems, integrated analysis of power system information collection requirements, the information source install small-scale high reliability of the unit measuring and control device, using field measurement and control network and installation of equipment in the central control room with connectivity realize the full substation monitoring. In addition to the series of devices to complete regular data collection, it can also achieve rich measurement, recording, monitoring, control, replaced the specific other conventional measuring instruments. Therefore, this system fully satisfy the various voltage levels of electric power system to achieve comprehensive automation and unattended requirements. Devices in the design process to fully
Consider the safety of the device operation, the control system in a variety of closed and open control circuit set, high reliability components used to connect communications technology, new large-capacity relay contacts used to make devices more secure run.

1. Device Typical applications
SP-1000A measuring and control device object for the main control switch within the power systems unit, the main features are:
① 8 Way Switch volume remote communication, digital input is optically isolated inputs;
② a three-phase voltage, a three-phase current analog input, the basic contents of current, voltage, frequency, power and power factor;
③ 4 way switch remote control, optical isolated output;
④ 2 way remote control division and circuit breakers, relay output;
⑤ remote event logs and events;
⑥ support of the power industry standard communication protocols, interface with optical isolation, with RS-485 and fiber optic communication interface.
2. Hardware
The device includes: AC sampling CPU / DSP remote shake the letter with the power industry standard communication protocol for communication interface
3. Technical Specifications
Measurements: a CT (3 or 2)
Telesignalling: 8
Remote Control: 4 +2 Road
Serial: 1 Way
Information rate
1 second refresh cycle measurement
1 second refresh cycle signal
U, I, P, Q, S, Cos 0.5%
Power frequency, 0.01%
Input signal range of 120% UN UN = 100V 120% IN IN = 5A/1A
CT input isolation, the sampling resistance
Incident resolution <2ms
Signal input passive contact

Relay Output
Power Supply
Input voltage 220V, tolerance +15%, -20%
Power <25W
Exchange parameters
Voltage 220V
Current 5A, 1A
Frequency 50HZ
Voltage power <0.5VA / phase
Current consumption <1VA / phase (IN = 5A)
<0.5VA / phase (IN = 1A)
Physical Characteristics
Operating temperature-20C ~ 60C
Interference to meet the IEC255-22-4
Humidity and pressure to meet the DL478

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