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SP104T embedded industrial controllers suitable for fire alarm, industrial control, test equipment, instrumentation, intelligent terminals, medical equipment, security surveillance products such as high-end applications, the controller peripheral is complete, interface standards, low power consumption , six layers of PCB board anti-electromagnetic interference capability.

Technical parameters

Core components: CPU: 32 位 ARM9 core Samsung S3C2440 processor clocked at 400-533MHz
Memory: 64MB SDRAM
Memory: 64MB NandFlash
32K FRAM (Ferroelectric RAM) to reduce frequent operation Flash, Flash to extend life, while preventing data loss when power-down.
Display: 10.4 inch, 12.1-inch TFT LCD screen display, through independent graphics chip to support 1024 × 768 resolution, VGA output stability.

External Interface

USB: A USB support USB keyboard, mouse and U disk
A USB support Actinesync, can PC FBI.
External memory: an SD card and MMC card interface
Ethernet port (Ethernet): 1 10/100M Ethernet interface, DM9000 chip
Serial port (Serialport): a serial port
Digital audio input / output interface (AC97)
A PS / 2 keyboard interface and matrix
Operating System: LINUX or WINCE
Support the sub-control configuration software

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