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I. Introduction
SP1S series is suitable for small-scale control, the size of only one card so much PLC.
SP1S series as a small PLC, but has perfect performance and communication features such as scalability. Therefore, SP1S series can be used with a small PLC that previously could not control the vast areas.

Second, characteristics:
1. Integrated & cost: CPU · power input and output into one; by using the display module and the function expansion board, you can very easily upgrade their systems.
2. Fuselage compact, high-speed operation: Basic instructions :0.55-0 .7 μs / instruction; Application instruction: 3.7-Number of 100μs / instructions.
3. Use at ease, large memory and memory specifications: Built-in EEPROM memory, step 2000; no batteries, no maintenance.
4. The rich resources of soft parts: auxiliary relays: 512 points, timer: 64 points, counter: 32 points; data register: 256 points.
5. Control :10-30 point scale (basic unit: 10/14/20/30 points).


Project SP1S
Operational Control Cycle of scanning through the stored procedure the way, have interrupted instruction
Input and output control Batch (END instruction execution), input and output refresh, capture the pulse
Programming Language Logic ladder and instruction list (compatible with Mitsubishi software FXGP_WIN-C, Gx-DEVELOPER)
Computation time Basic instructions 0.55 TO 0.7us
Application instructions 3.7 TO Several hundred us
Memory Internal 2K Step EEPROM
Storage Box (SP1N-EEPROM-8L 8K Step EEPROM)Optional,However, only 2K step SP1S
Instruction Basic sequence instructions 27
Step ladder instructions 2
Application instructions 85Seed         167A
Aid General 384Point        MO To M383
Locking 128Point        M384 To M511
Special 256Point        M800 To M8255
Status General 118Point        S10 To s127
First start 10Poimt         S0 To S9
Locking All latched (S0-S127-)
Timer 100 ms 63Point          T0 To T60
10 ms 31Point          T32 To T62
1 ms 1Point            T63
Analog Potentiometer VR1: D8030; VR2: D8031;2Point (0-255)
Counter General 16 Position 16Point         C0 To C15
 Locking 16 Position 16Point         C16  To C31
 Locking 32 Position C235-C255[1 Phase]60KHz/2Point;     10KHz/4Point
                     [2 Phase]30KHz/1Point;     5KHz/1Point
Data register General 128Point       D0 To D127
Locking 128Point       D128 To D255
File register 1500Point     D1000-D2499
External regulation 2Point            0 T0 255
Special 256Point       D800 To D8255
Change Address 16Point         V0-V7  Z0-Z7
Pointer JUMP, CALL 64Point          P0 To P63
Input interrupt 6Point            I0-I5
Nested Master with 8Point            N0-N7
Constant Decimal K 16Position    -32768 To +32767
32Position    -2147483648 To +2147483647
Hex H 16Position    0000 To FFFF
32Position    00000000 To FFFFFF


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