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Common characteristics:
320B generator controller is a microprocessor core using intelligent generator control module.
Adjusted via the control panel or remote telemetry, remote control, remote measurement precision to achieve a variety of parameters, will
&#118alue adjustment and the timing and threshold setting and other operational control and protection functions, can be widely applicable to all types of hair
Intelligent Automation System Power Unit.
Large screen with backlit dot matrix LCD display in English
Support the five voltage input
Accurate measurements show that all the electrical parameters of generator output
Touch by health used to select the operation control mode, run the program, set and modify the display data protection
With industry standard communication interface, ModBus protocol application on the implementation of three remote controlled generator
Various temperature and pressure sensors and custom parameter state output
-Line with screw lock terminal block, easy to install solid

Technical parameters:
DC Power Supply
Voltage: 12V/24V (8-35VDC continuous)
Operating the largest operating current: @ 12V0.4A, @ 24V0.2A
AC input voltage: Phase voltage 10-300VAC RMS (AC frequency ≥ 40Hz)
AC input frequency :3-70Hz (voltage ≥ 10V)
Speed sensor input voltage :1-70VAC
Throttle / start control relay output: 10A/30VDC
Auxiliary Relay Output: 3A/30VDC
Operating Environment Temperature: -20 ~ 70 ℃
Storage temperature: -30 ~ 80 ℃

Different characteristics:
SP-320B is equipped with a large dot matrix LCD screen generating units Intelligent Automation Control Module.
Large dot matrix LCD screen
English menu
Support multiple voltage input type
Intelligent Pump Control
Modus protocol to support remote control

Operation panel: W205mm × H156mm
Installation open orifice: W186mm × H137mm
Thickness: D58.5mm (not connected)

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