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SVU1-230 series electric surge protector is mainly applied in " T, TN-S and TN-C-S "system.  It is used to limit the transience  overvoltage amplitude &#118alue, and to absorb, dissipate and discharge the surge current energy, it also can degrade the
over-voltage class borne by the protected electric element to the next lower class to protect household appliance such as AC,DC power supply system,computer, microcomputer, TV and hi-fi audio unit, etc.

Erection site and application

■  Ambient air temperature: -25~+65            ■ Altitude: Not exceed 2500m.
■  Atmosphere condition: the relative humidity of the installation place should not exceed 50% under the hig-hest temperat
ure of +40
,and the max relative humidity of monthly average should not exceed 95%, and the average lowest tem-pera
ture should notexceed  +25
■  Installation mode: adopt "op cap"hape section and TH35-7.5 type installation rail.

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