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SVU3-B,C,D/....series of surge protection devices are used in preventing the consumers from being damaged by lightning induced over-voltage or operating over-voltage. This series of products meet with IEC61643-1 and GB18802.1 II level standards. Its convenient double-hulled design is composed of base and removable protection module. It is unnecessary to switch off power supply when changing protection module under loading condition. Inside the protection module there is a special double pole independent release device, which has failure display function and provides more and reliable protection to guarantee that the operation is safer, more economical and reliable. Application of distance-free discharging technique enables it to react quick and have low residual voltage. Its maximum discharge current is 100 kA(8/20μs) and its maximum dash current is Limp 5KA10/350μs. SVU3-B,C,D/.FM can have additional long distance signal point, which can send failure signal to distribution control center and alarm that the damaged part needs to be changed. Its special material and techniques and outstanding arc suppression method completely solve the after current and arc suppression failure under the normal distance SPD. At the same time the airtight distance prevents the spark from leaking. It is a more professional and outstanding lightning arrestor for customers. On both sides of the product, the conjunctive port has double terminals that can connect to the lead and bus at the same time. The whole series of products can restrict the lightning over-voltage under safe range that the electric/electronic equipment can endure according to different occasions, and the installation specification, and significance of the protected equipment by using different combined modes.

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