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    SVU4-C...series surge protection device and SVU3-C....SVU1-C/...all belong to II level protection in the power supply system. They meet IEC61643-11/? and GB18802.1/?'s II level categorized experiment standards, and may be used with previous SVU3-B....  SVU1-B/.. surge protection device, which can keep the restricted voltage level even lower.
The protection module and the base are designed into removable style, which can guarantee that the damaged ones get changed in time. A heat tripping/deterioration device is placed inside the protection module so that the devices inside can separate the protected parts from the power when the protected parts get stricken by over frequency or extreme surge. It not only carries a visible indicating window, also SVU4-C/FM has an additional long distance signal point to make sure that the failure signal can be passed on to the distribution control center and indicate that the damaged parts need changing.
At the bottom of the protection module there are indication arrows that can prevent it from connecting mistakenly to the base and make sure that the protection module gets changed timely and safely. The conjunctive ports on both sides of the product are double terminals that can connect to the conductor and bus bar. This series of products have common mode or differential mode. The two modes can keep the thunder over-voltage under a safe range that the electrical/electronic equipment can endure according to different occasions, the installation category, significance, usage, and assembly modes.

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